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Review: Cordless Dog’s “Stay”

Posted on August 16th, 2010 by Neil Crosby. Filed under Blog Posts.

One of the problems with being an Apple laptop user who sometimes connects to external displays is the lack of any built in management of where different applications should live on those different displays.

If you’re anything like me, as soon as you connect your laptop to an external display you’ll end up moving your applications around into a better position and size so that you can work happily. Then, when you disconnect your external display to go back onto the road OSX will do its best to put them somewhere sensible on your smaller laptop screen, but fails horribly.

Enter Cordless Dog’s “Stay” application.

Stay is a deceptively simple (at least the way I’m using it) application that lives in your Mac’s taskbar. First, set up your applications so that they’re positioned as you want them, then choose “Store Windows for all Applications” from the app’s dropdown menu. If you then want to restore applications to their stored position just pull down the menu again and choose “Restore Windows”. Simple.

To make things even more simple though, pop open the application preferences. There aren’t many options here (and there don’t need to be), but for my money it makes sense to turn on “Start Stay at login”, “Restore Windows as displays are connected and disconnected” and “Restore Windows as applications are launched”. And suddenly, as if by magic, application positioning with multiple displays starts working in the way it always should have done.

Cordless Dog’s “Stay” application costs a measly $15, and is worth every cent. Good job, Cordless Dog chaps!


As David Thompson pointed out, I should probably point out that currently Stay and Spaces don’t currently live marvellously happily together. If you’re a user of Spaces (I’m not), you should probably wait for a future release of Stay.

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