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Yahoo! Pipes: Munging, Mixing and Mashing

Posted on September 3rd, 2009 by Neil Crosby. Filed under Blog Posts.

Now that my summer holidays are over, I thought I’d better start blogging again. So, here we go.

Just after I left Yahoo!, I was asked by YDN if I’d mind still presenting the talk I was planning to do about Yahoo! Pipes. Being the wonderful sort of chap I am, I happily agreed. So, after a couple of months away from the company, on Tuesday I rolled up to give my presentation. I’ve got to say, it felt a bit weird giving a talk for a company I no longer worked for. But, it seemed to go okay. People asked interesting questions, and they seemed to enjoy me talking about how to make Pipes, and sharing a few of the ones that I’d previously made with them.

The idea behind the talk was that whilst Pipes is a wonderful tool, it does have a fairly steep learning curve, and many people are dissuaded from using it before they’ve managed to do anything because of that. When I started using Pipes two years ago, I wished I had someone who already used it to give me a few pointers, so by giving this talk I hope I helped a few people out in the way that I wish I had been two years previously.

All the pipes used within the talk are linked within the slide deck, and if you want to look at any of my other pipes, you can find them at

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